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Organic Ground Blend Coffee, 250g

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Tirma Organic Ground Blend Coffee.

Indulge in the goodness of our Organic Ground Blend Coffee and experience the taste of premium Spanish coffee in every sip. Treat yourself or share it with fellow coffee enthusiasts. It also makes a thoughtful gift for any occasion. Order your package today and embark on a journey of unparalleled coffee enjoyment.
Premium Spanish coffee that will elevate your coffee experience. This 250g package is filled with 100% Arabica beans, carefully selected and expertly blended to create a rich and flavourful cup of coffee.
Our finest selection - At Tirma we select the beans among the best coffee plantations and we elaborate, roast and vacuum pack them directly in our facilities so that this exquisite coffee reaches its cup with all its properties, aroma and flavour that have characterised it since 1941.


  • Create a coffee gift set by pairing our Organic Ground Blend Coffee with complementary items. Include a stylish coffee mug and a selection of our biscuits
  • Package it all in an attractive gift box or basket, perfect for coffee lovers on any occasion. This is a fantastic gift idea for coffee enthusiasts who want to explore new flavours and enjoy a freshly brewed cup every time.
  • Encourage creativity by providing different ingredients like spices, cocoa powder, or flavoured syrups, along with our Organic Ground Blend Coffee. Encourage recipients to experiment and create their own custom coffee blends. Include recipe suggestions and brewing instructions for added convenience.
Made in Spain, in the Canary Islands.

Ingredients, Details and Storage



It is recommended to store it in a cool and dry place without direct exposure to light. Temperature should not exceed 30°C for a long time.

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