a taste of paradise

Tirma, founded in 1941, is a confectionery brand and a household name in every home in the Canary Islands, Spain.
Tirma's factory is an 18,000 m2  building in Gran Canaria, where they centralize all its manufacturing and administrative activities.

Tirma's History

From the very beginning, Tirma has always bet on continuous scaling and renewal of its product range. It started with coffee roasting and the manufacturing of products like chocolate, cocoa powder and wafers. Candies and biscuits were incorporated later on.

By adding new technologies to its production processes and the commitment to producing quality products, Tirma has achieved a position of leadership in the Canary Islands. It is also a globally recognised brand, as the wafers have won the 'Taste of the Year' award in 2013.

About Tirma.UK

Tirma.uk caters to those who have fallen in love with Tirma's products during a holiday in the Canary Islands. It also caters to those 'chocolate-and-all-things-sweet' lovers out there who are seeking a bite of paradise in the comfort of their homes. Our well curated flavours and consistencies have been carefully crafted to have you 'mmhh-ing' and encapsulating all that is good in life!

You are our priority

Find your flavour on www.tirma.uk - whether you are a fan of bitter or sweet tastes, crunchy or smooth textures - we work tirelessly to cater to your tastes and dietary requirements. 

We offer vegetarian products, biscuits with no added sugars and gluten free chocolates. To view our list of collections - please click here

We've put YOU at the forefront when creating these products and whilst we may all speak different languages in this world, there’s one word that transcends all cultures – chocolate. 

Enjoy the Tirma experience!

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