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70% Dark Chocolate with Strawberry Granules, 125g

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May Contain

Almonds, hazelnuts & milk

Tirma 70% Dark Chocolate 70% with Strawberry Granules.

Savour our exquisite 70% Dark Chocolate with Strawberry Granules, a delectable treat that will delight your taste buds. Made with the finest ingredients and crafted with precision, this chocolate bar is a perfect balance of rich cocoa and sweet strawberry goodness. Our dark chocolate boasts a luxurious 70% cocoa content, providing a deep and robust chocolate flavor that is cherished by chocolate connoisseurs.

Each bite of this chocolate bar is filled with delightful strawberry granules that offer a burst of fruity sweetness, complementing the intense cocoa flavor perfectly.

This chocolate bar is crafted with care to be gluten-free and suitable for vegans, ensuring that everyone can enjoy its exquisite taste. Using only non-GMO ingredients in our products, so you can have peace of mind knowing that this chocolate bar is made with wholesome, natural components.


  • Self-Indulgence: Treat yourself to a moment of pure bliss by enjoying a piece (or two!) of this decadent dark chocolate. Let it melt slowly on your tongue, allowing the flavours to unfold and tantalize your taste buds.

  • Pairing with Wine: Dark chocolate pairs beautifully with a wide range of wines, enhancing the tasting experience. Serve this chocolate alongside a robust red wine to create a delightful combination of flavours.

  • Dessert Topping: Sprinkle finely grated pieces of this chocolate over your favourite desserts, such as ice cream, cakes, or chocolate mousse. The rich cocoa and strawberry blend will add a touch of elegance and a burst of flavour to your creations.

These chocolate bars are made in Spain in the Canary Islands.
If you enjoyed this chocolate bar, try our 70% dark chocolate with orange granules - it will be sure to surprise you!


Ingredients, Details and Storage

Cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, defatted cocoa powder, strawberry granules 2% (concentrated mashed strawberry and maltodextrin), emulsifier (soya lecithin) and flavourings. May contain traces of milk and nuts.


It is recommended to store it between 16°C and 20°C (cool and dry place) without direct exposure to light. Temperature should not exceed 26ºC for a long time.

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